Thursday, June 16, 2016

A whole bunch of questions I was nominated for!

  1. Name: Amy
  2. Age: 14, going on 15
  3. Role model: Jesus, Mary in the Bible, Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, Mrs. Black, Sonya, and some other people for certain things.
  4. Hobbies: Writing, dancing, art stuff, playing group games, photography, and stuff.
  5. Favorite actor: I don't have one, and while I do like when I can recognize a character, as Rebekah Morris said, "I watch movies as stories, not as people playing a part."
  6. Favorite actress: Yet again, I don't really have one. I do like some, but I don't have a favorite.
  7. Best friend: Julia, and then Devenni.
  8. Favorite band: My top is Casting Crowns.
  9. Favorite song:  I like to listen to music, and sing too, but I don't have a favorite.
  10. Favorite movie: I don't have a set favorite movie, but I really  like Beyond the Mask, Alone Yet Not Alone, The Narnia movies, National Treasure (1st one),  and the Love Comes Softly, and When Calls the Heart series. I have a lot of movies I like, really.
  11. Favorite animal: Cheetah.
  12. Favorite subject: In school? I guess History, if I am learning something I am interested in.
  13. Pens or pencils? Pens. They write smoother. But, a downside to them is that you can't erase, so you have to scribble out your mistakes---:(---otherwise, I like pens most of the time. Except when I am drawing, of course.
  14. Summer or winter? Summer. I don't mind heat, kinda like it actually, but I can't stand humidity! And in Missouri, guess what we seem to get a lot of! Humidity. But also, I like winter too. BUT I HAVE TO HAVE SNOW TO LIKE IT!
  15. Tea or coffee? Hot tea!
  16. Good day or bad day? GOOD DAY!
  17. Birthday: August. Around the time public school starts.
  18. Something that makes you happy: Getting things done, and seeing the finished product.
  19. Something you're looking forward to: Going swimming in our creek this summer, though a flood changed it completely, so I am a little uneasy about parts of it, but I guess I'll get used to it.
  20. Tell a story in one sentence: A royal princess got caught up in her family's arguments, and fled to live in the woods until it was safe to come back and rule happily ever after.
  1. Nominate any number of people: I AM GOING TO JUST NAME THE BLOGS. Chosen Vessels, A Great God and Good Cocoa, Teen For the Lord, Harvest Lane Cottage, The Enchanting Rose, Lowell Lane, Harvest Lane Cottage, Princess Diary, Fresh Modesty, and Briana Thomas.


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