Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Crystal Door Knob Writing Challenge Part II

This is a writing challenge! If you have not, please read the first part to this challenge before you continue to this part. Click here. Thank you.
Now I challenge you to use the first paragraph of my story, written in Part II.  Some things I have taken out, so I indicated it for you to fill in with your story.
I will pick 2 winners, and publish the winning stories on my blog, or if you have your own blog, I will attach the link to your published story (crediting the story to you of course).
First place will be published for May.
Second place will be published for June.
The door handle was pure crystal glass. Did she dare touch it? Did she even know what might be beyond that simple door, with a knob of crystal glass? She did not know. Her hand reached out again, this was her moment. But...she once again drew back her hand. She didn't really want to know what was beyond the door. Would there be joy? Hardships? But yet, the girl did want to know and continued. This time, summoning all her willpower, she turned the knob slowly. Then it came to pass. She opened the door, and a crowd erupted with applause.This girl was a princess, dressed in a modern yellow dress. And this was her moment to change the world. For the better. She took a deep breath, smiled her wide, cheerful smile, and waved like she had been taught so many times before. Even so, this was her first day of putting it into practice.
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1. Make sure you read the additional information below and agree.

2. Write your story.

3. Enter the story by: 
     a) Publish the story on your blog, and give me the link in the comments below. 
     b) Or send the document to me by email. Comment below for the email address.
     c) If you want to just share your story, and not enter it in the contest, make sure you tell me in your comment; I will not publish those stories, but just read them instead.

4. Please include at least your first name, and your age (if it is okay with your parents).

5. The story cannot be longer than 1,124 words, including the story starter (roughly 124 words).

6. Please check your story before entering it, to make it is grammatically correct.

7. I will read the stories, and pick my top two favorites. Then I will publish them on my blog as the winners.

Additional information, please read:

1. You may not use this story starter for any other purpose except for this challenge unless you have written permission from me.

2. Now, if you want to keep this story starter for some other use other than this blog, even just keeping it for yourself because you like it (outside of your story), please contact me by way of commenting:(If you do, make sure you include your email in the comment, so I can email you back about it. I promise that I will not publish your email or your comment.) Thanks.

3. You must be okay with me publishing your story on my blog if I like it, and sharing the link to your story, if you publish it on your blog.

4. The story is up to you, though I would ask you to keep it adventurous, and if you do put a little romance in it, I am fine as long as it is mild, appropriate, romance that is true to purity. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

5. And above all, YOU ARE THE WRITER! So write, and enjoy it! Make the story anything you want. Nothing is required as long as you keep it good. ENJOY!

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  1. This sounds like a good idea. I shared it on Pinterest!

  2. I have a few questiosn about this. I'm supposed to write a story, using your 'story starter' as the beginning, right? Or do I just have to include it in some way? And I'm not supposed to change anything in it, or I can change things?

    1. Hey, Faith. Here is the answer:
      You start the story with the story starter. You do not change the story starter. This should answer your question!

    2. Yep, that covers it! Thanks, Amy. ;)

  3. Amy, I just tried to enter my story. The comments won't allow that many words. Perhaps you should have them enter by email? Let me know.

    1. Now I have a contact form on the side of my blog. But I know you already sent it via Google documents. Thanks for entering.

  4. My entry is up here:

    Thanks for such a fun challenge, Amy! :D


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