Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Review of Through the Tunnel by Rebekah A. Morris

Hey Everyone! Rebekah Morris has released a new book. Rebekah said I could share the synopsis on my blog, and I told her I would write a review for her. Rebekah inspires me to keep on writing and that someday I might be able to publish my stories. 
“I hate being a foster kid!” Fourteen-year-old Lissa had thought those words dozens, if not hundreds, of times over the last twelve years. She and her twin brother, Leigh, had been foster kids for as long as they could remember. Naturally shy, this life of bouncing around from one foster home to another, of changing schools mid-term, and of never having a real place they could call home had left Lissa with feelings of insecurity and doubt. Would they ever have a real home? Why didn’t anyone want them? Then one cold, winter afternoon, Lissa persuades her brother to make believe that a tunnel under a snow covered bridge is the entrance to a new world and a new life; together they walk through it, and it changes their lives forever.

My thoughts:
I cannot say this is my favorite story of Rebekah's, but she did a good job writing it.
Now, had you given this book to me a few years ago, I may have liked it better, (my reading style has changed dramatically over the last few years) but it's just not my kind of adventure.

I did, however think Rebekah did a good job describing things, and emotions, that not many people would know how to write. Especially those who have never been a foster kid. I have read a few of Rebekah's books, and I really like her writing vocabulary (fine, but not too wordy). I have actually seen some changes in the way I write by reading her books. 

I didn't really like this book, and I don't know if I would necessarily read it again. But as I read this book, it kept me turning pages, mainly because I wanted to know how everything turned out in the end, and if Lissa and Leigh would ever fit in.
Others, including you, might like this book, but it was not really for me.
I rate this book 3 stars.

But over all, I recommend author Rebekah A. Morris. You can find her books, including Through the Tunnel on her website. Just CLICK HERE.


  1. I haven't read this book, but I want to. :) The only book my Ms. Morris I've read is "Gift from the Storm" but most of her other books are on my to-read list. ;)

    Thanks for sharing your review, Amy!!!

  2. Awesome. Your welcome. I like "Gift From The Storm".


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