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The Crystal Door Knob Writing Challenge-Part I

I have wanted to do a writing challenge for some time now, and I have written a Thanksgiving one, but I never got it published. Maybe next year...wait! It is next year! Welcome to 2016, the year of purpose and alignment with God's word! A year to get things done. This is not a Selah (stop and think about it) year. And as for this writing challenge, I really hope you will participate. Here we go, starting with my story as the first part of these posts.
(I don't always write with this many dramatic pauses, but it seemed appropriate for this scene. Also, this story is more like a history, not as much a story, story. The story is set in Modern Day.)
Not my picture, click this link for source.
The door handle was pure crystal glass. Did she dare touch it?
Did she even know what might be beyond that simple door, with a knob of crystal glass?
She did not know.
Her hand reached out again, this was her moment. But...she once again drew back her hand. She didn't really want to know what was beyond the door. Would there be joy? Hardships?
But yet, the girl did want to know, and continued. This time, summoning all her willpower, she turned the knob slowly. Then it came to pass. She opened the door, and a crowd erupted with applause.
This girl was a princess, dressed in a modern yellow dress. And this was her moment to change the world. For the better. She took a deep breath, smiled her wide, cheerful smile, and waved like she had been taught so many times before. Even so, this was her first day of putting it into practice.

Esther Jane Clipston. Brown hair, light brown eyes, fourteen years old.
Esther Jane was, believe it or not, chosen to be princess. Her family was chosen to be the Royal Family for twenty years.
They lived in a land named Graceland. Graceland had a custom--a tradition, a code that would never be broken. Every twenty years the Gracelanders would choose a Christian family to reign at Coastal Peak as the Royal Family. And this time the Clipston family had been chosen for the role. Also, working in their benefit, Esther Jane's family had lived on the Graceland countryside for over eighty years. Therefore, Esther Jane and her family indeed did rule in Graceland for the assigned twenty years.

On the tenth year of their rule, a seaman from another country challenged the people of Graceland, and the Gracelanders fought a war for two years. In which, the oldest son— the current king— of the Clipston's was shot and killed. This tragedy led to the end of the war, and to Esther Jane's Coronation. You see, part of the custom is that after seven years of ruling, the king and queen (the parents) must pass on the crown to the children, leaving them as a Duke and Duchess. Each king or queen in the Royal family is allowed five years to rule, unless otherwise succeeded or impeached. In this circumstance, the current King Stephen was killed, passing on the crown to the next oldest, Esther Jane.

Therefore at age twenty-four, Esther Jane succeeded her brother and became, "Queen Esther Jane Clipston of the Kingdom of Graceland".
Now you might be wondering about Queen Esther Jane's name, and you are right, she was named after the queen in the Bible. As I said earlier, the Clipstons were Christians, and named all their children after people in the Bible. Stephen after the martyr, Esther Jane after queen Esther, John Peter after the disciples, and Deborah, after the leader.

After that two year war, which fortunately did not take the lives of many on either side, the Kingdom of Graceland reigned in prosperity until the Lord Jesus Christ came back and claimed His people once and for all.

Another custom, my favorite, is that in the Kingdom of Graceland, no one bows to the crown. The only one they bow to is God, the One True King--of everything.

Shortly after her coronation, Queen Esther Jane married a good man named Connor, and they reigned the complete five years, before the throne was once again passed on--this time to Prince John Peter. In the years of their reign, Queen Esther Jane and King Connor had two children, both boys. The best part about this King and Queen is that they lived and breathed the word of God.
Ask any Gracelin, and they will tell you, that the five years of the reign of Esther Jane, were the best years in the Kingdom of Graceland.
The End.

Everyone should Serve the One True King, like Queen Esther Jane, King Connor, the Clipston family, and the Gracelanders. For God is worthy to be praised, worshiped, and served. I pray also that we may all live and breathe the word of God. Interested in meeting this King? CLICK HERE, the link goes to my Mom's blog--and to Salvation.

Now, what's the Challenge right?
Tune in next time for Part II of The Crystal Door Knob Writing Challenge!
In which I will state the rules, and where you begin your story.
Questions? Comment below.

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  1. This sounds like fun! I loved your story, Amy. ;) Is it okay with you if I promote this on my blog?

    1. Yes, go ahead. And I give you, Faith, the permission to copy the picture.

  2. I'm excited for part two and the challenge!

    1. Yeah! I am too! It might be a few days though, I have been busy. But I can't wait what people enter!

  3. Looks like a fun writing activity. Thanks for hosting. I found you on Mommy Moments. We would love to have you share this challenge at our Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup #LMMLinkup.

  4. Hi, thanks for linking up with us and sharing your challenge. I have tweeted and pinned it too. ;)


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