Thursday, December 24, 2015

Who Do We Look To? _Christmas_

What is it about Christmas that captures a person's soul?
Why does it call so? Above all other holidays and celebrations?
Is it because the Savior's birth? And the fact God loved us so much?
Is it the faith that Mary had? Or the way Joseph gave up his convictions for the will of God... and how they believed in God.

Or is it just the joy in giving?
Seeing smiles on Christmas day?

Or is it the story of the real man, Nicholas, who was so generous in giving to the need in front of him?
Or is it about the "Mall, stereotype Santas?" I hope not. St. Nicholas' story was shared as an example to people to love others and to give selflessly. That's my opinion at least. Wouldn't you agree?

Could it be that people look at Christmas, do we, look at Christmas, for the gifts and the celebration? Not blind to the meaning, but confused? I think that sometimes we all do.

But still, we shouldn't. We really really shouldn't. That is actually being selfish in a way, because Christmas shouldn't be all about us. It should be about Jesus.

We celebrate Christ's birth at Christmas.
Even though Jesus was probably not born in December—I have heard that he might have been in March—this is when we celebrate our Savior's Birthday! Therefore it would be like ignoring the birthday boy at a birthday party and keeping to to the other guests instead—and not reminding the guests who the party is about. I must admit I am guilty of most of that sentence. I think we all are, But, let's try to refine ourselves in Christ.

I don't think anybody can say they always celebrated Christmas for the right reasons. We have all messed up in not giving glory to God at Christmas time. Christmas needs to be about God. About love, because we celebrate God's love by showing others what love looks like, by giving gifts. Realize it. 

We need to put Jesus where he belongs—at the center, beginning. and the end, of Christmas. We need not forget.
THIS Christmas, let's change it. Even if you're a kid like me. there is always something you can do. Even if you have remembered what this season is about.

This my friend, is even more important than Christmas itself.

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