Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Warmth Inside Her

I was talking to my mom, and I was telling her how the Little House books are literally a part of me. I may not have read them all by myself yet, but they still are. You see, when I was littler, my dad read them aloud to all of us so many times. The stories in them, (mainly in the first book) are just like more memories even though they are not stories in my real life, but those of a girl around two hundred years ago. In example, the story of Pa mistaking the tree stump as a bear. The time where the black cat chased Grandpa through the woods, and when Ma slapped the bear. And how the mothers just lined up their babies at the barn dance. And Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Ah! I love just thinking about this. You see, since my dad read the books so much, they became a part of my memories and of me. Yes, I want to read them all again. My mom said that when I do, we can go to her house in Missouri when I finish them. I hope to do that someday. One of the reasons that I have not read them is because big series can really intimidate me!
One interesting thing is, is that I have also grown up with the TV series of the books, yet they are like two different stories to me. But also one. It is confusing. The way my mind works normally is that when I see a movie of a book, the characters normally look like they did in the movie when I read the book again. But not with this book, among a few others.
Have a wonderful day, friends.
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  1. That is a cute series! Just read one book at a time, and don't worry about how long the series is. Just enjoy each book in turn! Have fun!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement. :)
    I will do my best over time.


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