Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Beyond our Masks: Inspired by "Beyond the Mask"

Watch the great movie that inspired this post! If you do, it will also help you understand what I am saying. The trailer is at the bottom of the post. But you still can READ ON!

We all have so many sorts of masks.
Yes. All of us. Yes, even you.
A mask for church, a mask for certain people, a "good christian" mask, and depending on who you are, you have others accordingly. Some people, sometimes me too, have a mask they "put on" while writing their blog. I try not to put this mask on.
The biggest mask that we find it hard fitting is the mask of who we want to be. At least for me, I have so many things I want to be. Some contradictory.
Think about your masks.
Now that we have uncovered this information, what do we do with the knowledge? First ask yourself two questions.

  • Who are you? 
  • Are you going to let all your masks shape you?
The first one only you can answer. The second one should receive an answer of no. So what do we do with our masks? It really is simple, if thought out. Take out all the masks you don't think are shaping your character into the ultimate person you want to be. Observe yourself to make sure you root them all out. Take out the ones that contradict, even if you don't want to, because all they will do is mess you up.

Then take off all your masks and wear your own mask that really isn't a mask at all. When you go to church, let your characteristics show. Let your true person come out. If you don't like yourself, you might need to take all of your masks out and find who you are in Christ. Around those "certain people", don't hide other things about you. You have to do what you have to do: and YOU HAVE TO DO THIS! You can't avoid it. Even if it makes you feel awkward or something. And the list of fixing who you are goes on. But don't stress, rush, or worry about what I am saying because it all takes a process. It's a glorious process in Christ Jesus, because you need to have Him helping you.
I have been trying my best to do this and the results make me feel good. Now that I have been taking off these masks and letting myself be myself, I have felt a lot better. At first I didn't, and it is really hard because I have a lot more masks to sift through and take off. Beyond our masks is the person God made.

Let yourself be yourself. Don't hide behind your masks. Also, be who you want to be—because you really can! One more helpful hint, and I will be off. Don't get so caught up in stuff that you forget to grateful for who God made you and what he has done for you. BE YOURSELF!

THE TRAILER for Beyond the Mask!

Mom's the Word - Good Morning Monday

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  1. I'v never seen this trailer before but that looks SOOOO good. It will definitely need to be a family movie night movie. Thanks for sharing!


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