Thursday, August 20, 2015

Solution: So Many Books, So little Time

This is the solution. Start with one book. Let's face it, you are never going to "have enough time". When you do, you may not want to read. So make time. Now, to the post!
As I write, I am surrounded by 26 letters arranged and mixed to make words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and finally the result: a book. I am surrounded by many a long night of writing, and a struggle of one human being trying to make things make sense to the readers. But sadly, I see dust on unread books. I am not saying that I have read or am going to read every worthy book, or that every book should catch my attention, but Arthur’s sword is still in the stone, and Heidi is still looking after sheep. Many a sword fight is frozen in time, and many mysteries unsolved.
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Where am I?
I am in a library, where books are many and readers are few. Yes, it is a sad thing, but not everyone reads for pleasure anymore. They watch TV. Not everyone looks in a book for things they desire to know even though people thought long and hard to help. They search the Internet.
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Are you doing your part to keep books alive—reading?
Well I hope so my friend. It is not wrong to watch TV, or search the internet; but in most movies they only touch a fraction of the real story, but on the other hand, movies can be better than the books, and can create awesome new adventures.  The Internet is very useful for things you cannot find or want to know for the conversation or train of thought you are in, but not for every piece of information in the world! The Internet will tell you basics, and books will tell you details.

And what is the point of books if people can’t learn things from them?
Please don’t tell me you think people should not write educational books. If so, you are currently thinking in a sorry state when it comes to literature. But I am not insulting you! I am just saying that we need more readers in the world, starting with you!
Are you already a reader?
That is awesome! What have you been reading lately? Do you have any suggestions for people looking for a good read? Or are you yourself stuck on what you should read? We all would love your feedback.
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I have been reading Young Pioneers by Rose Wilder Lane. It is a great book so far! I encourage you to read it!

What are some books you are reading, have read, or suggest? Are you looking for a certain type of book? I would love to start a conversation between everyone on some different books to read, and helpful suggestions.
Start the conversation by commenting below this post, or seeing comments by others and piping in!

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