Monday, August 10, 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

There is a nomination going around, kind of like a Leibster award, but not really. Anyway, I was nominated, and here I am writing this post! But be aware that these are some of my hardest questions to answer. 
Faith's Questions:
1. If you could have any one thing in the universe but it had to be smaller than (or the size of) a gallon of milk and weigh less than five pounds, what would it be?
Very hard question. I don't know. I know my answer should be my Bible. But I already have it. So, I guess I would want a...I don't know. Sorry! If I think of something, I will write it here. For now, I don't know.
2. Who is your favorite fictitious character? Why? (Of your own preferably, unless you are not a writer.)
Um, I have several including Lenaid from the Kingdom Series books, Annabeth from Percy Jackson, Lucy from Narnia, Barbara from Alone Yet Not Alone.
As from my own books my favorite is Princess Erika. She is the main character of one of my fiction novels in the medieval period. She is brave, but not too brave. She just does a good job at hiding it, LOL. She is elegant but is okay living lower to help her family. I can't give away too much just in case!
3. Favorite way to spend a Saturday?
Definitely with one of my friends.
4. Favorite Bible Verse from the Old Testament? New Testament?
OT: Joshua 1:9  NT: Romans 8:28
5. What was/is your favorite school subject? Why?
It used to be Spelling, even though that is not a subject by itself. But now I am done with that, so my favorite is Science. I just like learning all the "behind the scenes" of life.
6. Do you enjoy research? If so, what do you most like researching?
I like researching if I want to be researching. I like researching the lives of people.
7. Do you like dogs?
Yes. But I have to say I like cats better!
8. D you know what World Changers is?
Sounds familiar but no.
9. Favorite Historical era?
10. What kind of stories you best like to read? Write? (Again, if you're a writer.)
Fiction, and historical fiction. I like writing fiction and I am working on a historical fiction also.
Thanks Faith for the great questions, though I think they are really hard.

Blessing Counter's Questions:

1. Do you know who the Willis Clan is? If you do, who told you or where did you find them?
2. Would you prefer to take care of a herd of 100 chickens, a herd of 20 wild horses, or a herd of 10 baby elephants?
20 Wild horses.
3. If someone gave you a bow and a quiver of arrows and told you to shoot three arrows into one tight cluster on a board, do you think you would be able to do it?
I would try, but probably not. Unless it was an accidental bulls eye.
4. Have you ever dropped a watermelon?
No. I have eaten them instead!
5. How many siblings do you have? Are you the oldest, the youngest, or right smack in the middle?
I have three other siblings, and I am the youngest: number four.
6. What is one tradition that you do (or try to do) during family birthdays? 
Sit on a balloon! Um, we also eat chicken & dumplings sometimes for birthdays.
7. Say it was your birthday. Would you prefer to wake up and find 1. a new horse standing above you (yeah, I know, a horse in your room?!?), 2. a huge bouquet of your favorite flowers,  or 3. a stack of books that you've wanted to read for a long time? 
Sorry to break it to all the horse lovers, but I would take the books. Also I am sorry to all you florists out there! LOL.
8. What is your favorite movie of the year?
Ouch. I don't have one. But I do want to watch the Cinderella movie. And Mall Cop 2 is hilarious. Other than that, I have not watched any. I do like Alone Yet Not Alone. It came to DVD this year.
9. Do you have a book or a series of books that you wish was made into a movie? If so, what is the name of the book(s)?
ONLY IF IT WAS ACCURATE TO THE BOOKS!!!!! I would pick the Kingdom Series by Chuck Black.
10. What is the craziest thing that you've done recently?
I ate a little piece of bread, a grape, and a grape tomato all at once.
11. How and when did you get involved with blogging? 
My mom started a blog for us kids called Blogging With Momma a long time ago. But we grew out of it, and we all got our own.
12. Do you think of actors by their real name or by their movie name? (i.e. Do you say Laura Ingalls or Melissa Gilbert from the movie Little House on the Prairie?)
DEFINITELY BY THEIR MOVIE NAMES, even though sometimes I know the names. My siblings and I will be watching a movie and have this conversation:
Person #1: Who is that? They look familiar.
Person #2: I don't know, wait....
Person #3: Hey that is Mrs. Stanton from When Calls the Heart!

Thank you for letting me do this girls! Here are the people I nominate, and also my questions. I also will carry on some of the previous questions.
Rebekah Morris, at Rebekah's Reading Room
Emily Lane, at Teen For The Lord
Sara C., at Princess Diary

If you were nominated, here are my questions: (if you were not and want to be, tell me)

1. How do you feel about having to write out numbers instead of just writing the symbol number?
2. Do you like The Waltons, or Little House on the Prairie TV series better?
3. Do you like the Love Comes Softly movie series or the When Calls The Heart series better?
(If you don't know the last two questions that is alright.)
4. What is your favorite hobby when your inside? Outside?
5. How did you get involved with blogging? What is the first blog you ever started reading?
6. Favorite historical era?
7. You consider yourself which of the following: a writer, a writer when I want to be, not really, or I can't stand writing...? Other, write below.
8. What kind of books do you like reading? Why?
9. Share a good book series (not like hunger games, twilight, or harry potter) you have read.
10. Do you think of actors by their real name, or by their movie name?
(i.e. Do you say Laura Ingalls or Melissa Gilbert from the movie Little House on the Prairie?)
11. Do you talk when watching a movie you have never seen? Have seen? Seen a million times?

Last bonus question for all the Little House TV series fans!

12. In "The Cheaters" (Season #5) how does Nellie Olsen cheat on her tests?

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