Saturday, June 13, 2015

"Fulfill My Joy"

He just lay there in the bed, staring. Staring at the wall. Staring at the ceiling. Staring at nothing.
He wondered if anyone loved him. He knew his family did, but they didn't act on that love. If they had, why was he lying here?
He looked at the phone and remembered the time where there was only a dial phone in the household, but now, how far the world had come.
No one called.
He wished he was younger, then people would care. He wouldn't be sitting here in a hospital bed. No one called.
Why had his family not come? Had they rejected him? Had he not been a good father? Or did they just not know of his condition; what was his condition? All these questions where going through his head when a nurse came and adjusted his pillow and raised his bed.
Then with a smile, she said, "Your children are here."
He took a deep breath. They had not forgotten him. But did they love him? If so, why did they not visit or call in all these years?
As he looked up, he saw the faces he so dearly loved and would do anything for. One of them whispered to the others so he couldn't hear. Then all of a sudden they cried,"We love you dad!" this was also with a few voices saying "grandpa".
He then said, "Fulfill my joy...please."
Now his joy was restored and it was like he never questioned that love between him and his family. Never once. His family crowded around and didn't even seem to notice his bedridden self. They looked past the IV and past the bandages that had come from his heart attack.
Later that week when the excitement had worn off, he still knew he was loved. His children had even apologized for neglecting him. He had forgiven, and he knew that that was what Jesus would have done.

He looked over at the phone again. Would someone ring? No. His joy was fulfilled. No emptiness was in him. Yet he wondered, would someone call?
As he was drifting off to sleep, the phone rang. Who could it be? He looked over at Suzanna, his daughter. She was asleep. So with all his strength he reached for the phone and put it to his ear.
"I am waiting for you Samuel. Will I see you soon?" a big voice said.
"Yes Lord." And he hung up.
Samuel looked over at his daughter again, who had just awakened and was looking out the window.
"I love you, Susanna," he said to his daughter who now looked over. "Thank you all. You have given me a wonderful life. Never forget that God will always be with you as He has been with me all these years. I will live forever now. I'll see you in paradise." Then he slipped off to heaven to be with his savior forever.

Don't neglect the ones you love no matter their situation. Don't take them for granted, but cherish your time with them. Most people learn this the hard way; choose not to be one of them. Go see your loved ones, not just when they are old or sick, but all the time. Write them a letter, yes, a handwritten letter. Call them and be the voice they want to hear. Fulfill their hearts with joy like the man in the story.


  1. AMY, DID YOU WRITE THIS????!!!! It's AMAZING!!! Very well wrote! I could feel the emotions. And I know what you mean about taking your loved ones for granted.

    1. Yes I did, Faith. It was just a last minute thing. I am glad it spoke to you. Glory to God.

  2. This is so true and something I strive to fulfill! It breaks my heart when no one cares about the elderly mother with dementia or the grandfather sick in a nursing home. It is Christ's call to us to care for those who need it!


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