Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Alone Yet Not Alone Movie

I wrote this a LONG while back when the movie was in theaters, but I still agree with my review.

Hey guys!
A while back I did a review of the Alone Yet Not Alone book (CLICK HERE).

And I watched the movie a while back, but I just now got to publish this post. I just wanted to say it is my favorite movie! I love this movie. I do recommend not letting any kids under 11 or 12 watching it. I was 12 & 1/2 when I watched it. It is not that it is a bad movie, it's just that it is historically correct, so it has some violent scenes in it.  I think it is an amazing movie that points to trusting in God even when your life is on the line.  Alone Yet Not Alone is a historical fiction movie, if that makes sense. Its about two girls who get kidnapped in an Indian raid to their home. The girls are separated and face great challenges to keep alive. Barbara is the main character. She plays it safe until she can escape with some friends. Eventually they find her sister. I am not very good as summaries! This movie is rated PG-13 for violence and war scenes. But yeah, this is a historically correct movie. So you might want to watch it before you let your kids, if you have kids. But as I said it is an amazing movie. If you want more information go to: Alone Yet Not Alone Official Website.

And this is the Alone Yet Not Alone song. This is an amazing song based off the movie by Joni Erickson Tada.

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