Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's Not a "New Year's Resolution" It's a Habit.

Everyone knows that there are new year resolutions, and most of them fail.

The key is, don't think of whatever your doing as a new year resolution. Think of it as a habit you are forming. I usually hate commitment, but if you think of it as a habit--like brushing your teeth--it's not so bad after all.

My habits I want to start:

  • Make space for my sewing machine...somewhere.
  • Learn more on the piano.
  • Keep my room clean and work on making it better.
  • Write in my journal more.
  • Start, and work on My Faith Notebook journal.
Now I bet you are wondering what a Faith Notebook is, so here is the link: I got the idea from a lady's blog.
What are yours goals?
Don't think of them as resolutions that are going to fail, but as a habit.

So don't be afraid of losing your goal halfway through January. Make it a habit or commitment, don't just say, "Oh! There goes that new years resolution! Uh oh! To bad, not trying that again," because honestly--us humans--we are lazy. Now maybe not everybody in this area, but everyone has something they don't want to do.
We won't get up and do something about it!
I heard on KLOVE radio that it takes only 30 days to form a habit.
So let's do it! Let's do something for a change.
This is a bible verse that might help you with this time of making habits:

Wholehearted Wednesdays - So Much at Home  - A Little R & R 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

-Carolers Out In The Snow-

Only thing we are missing is snow! You heard it right--we don't have any snow yet. But I am hanging on to that "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas" hope. So I think there will be.

I just wanted to share a few Christmas songs. They are not classics, but they are fun ones. Myself, I love just singing the originals. I don't find many that artists sing that I like, so I decided just to do these ones this time.
If you are looking for some really good artists who do Christmas carols, my family's favorites are Bing Crosby and The Carpenters. Enjoy!

Brenda Lee: Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Chuck Berry: Run Run Rudolph

The Drifters: I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas
Bing Crosby: White Christmas

Nat King Cole: The Christmas Song

The Carpenters: The Christmas Waltz


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