Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Unexpected Request (My Book Review)

While on the run from "them", Ty Elliot comes back home to his only sister and his father who is dying. On his death bed, Ty's father gives him and unexpected request, to find "her". So Ty, his sister Sally, and a friend named Carson, set out to find "her". They find out that it is their sister they are looking for. While they are on the trail, the party of three run into adventure and trouble. This book is definitely a page turner. Will Ty, Sally, and Carson ever find who they are looking for? And when they do, if they ever do, what will happen next? And what will happen if they have a run in with "them", the very people threatening Ty's life? You will just have to read it and find out!
This is a book full of action and a saddlebag full of adventure.

This is an amazing story about so much more than what is on the back cover. This story displays hope, love, adventure, loyalty, prayer, and so much more. I don't want to spoil it for you, so I will just say that this is an amazing book. The Unexpected Request is now my second favorite book ever! It is definitely a book you will want to read for hours on end. I myself,don't normally read more than a chapter or two at a time let alone for more than an hour. But with this book, I found myself flipping the pages and reading for up to 4 hours at a time! I highly recommend this book to you and your family. Overall, this book shows you that with God all things are possible----even the impossible.

Summary from the back cover
"Ty Elliot returns to his home after an absence of two years, knowing full well the danger which threatens him each hour he lingers in the old cabin in the mountains. But with his father on his death bed and his younger sister exhausted, Ty knows he must remain for a time at least. When his father makes a strange request and begs his returned son to “find her,” Ty promises but is bewildered. Who is he to find? How can he set about the task of honoring his word? The only clues the dying man can give his son are a broken locket, a small photograph of a woman and a few last whispered instructions; “Take care of your sisters.” In confusion, Ty turns to his father’s childhood friend, Carson, for advice. Would the older man be able to help Ty and his sister, Sally? How much time did Ty have at the cabin before ‘they’ found out? Join Ty, Sally and Carson on their journey in search of the missing sister. The dangers they encounter, the hardships they face, as well as the friendly homes they visit, will keep you turning the pages. Set in the untamed west of the mid-1800's, this is a story the whole family will enjoy."

About the Author

"Rebekah A. Morris is a homeschool graduate who has a love for writing. She is the author of dozens of short stories and poems. After six years of loving labor, her first book, Home Fires of the Great War, came out in March, 2011.  Every Friday her blog is updated with her work. Living at home in Missouri with her parents and sister, she also does beautiful hand quilting, and greatly enjoys history, reading, teaching writing to a variety of ages, playing the violin and piano, and coming up with dramatic and original things to do."

*I am not an affiliate.  This book was a gift from Miss Morris in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thanks, Amy!
    Glad to know you enjoyed this book. :) And thanks for leaving a review on Amazon.

  2. By the way, Amy, if you want to read the "epilog" of this book, let me know. It's a Christmas story. :)

    1. Cool, thanks for telling me. I would love to!


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