Tuesday, September 23, 2014

For a Limited Time Only

I think we get caught up in life so much sometimes that we forget to cherish our lives. If you look around us, we are so busy that we don't just stop and notice that our whole life is passing by and we are not hardly noticing. Every day we get up, and immediately think of what we have to do that day and already you can't wait until its over.  I know I do.  What about you?

But what we really need to do, is realize what an amazing world God has given us to live on and off. Look at all the opportunities and gift he has given us. Look at your family, whether is is your siblings, kids, parents, or relatives, God gave you people to support you and encourage you in this world, to love you.  And when we got too busy we forget to love and appreciate the people that love us.

Sometimes we go days without even thinking about how much God loves us and thinking about the joy he gave us when we had no joy; and that he sent his only son to die for us, in our place, so we could enjoy this life. He did not die so we could stress about every moment. We are only here for a limited time. We need to make a good difference. Because, believe it our not, no matter who you are or what you have done , you are making a difference, whether it be good or not. Now, ask God, "Am I making a good difference? If not, how can I make my difference better? Lord, please show me the way".

Truly our time is slipping by. Time is always moving. You cannot touch yesterday or tomorrow. You can only touch today, so are you going to make it a good day, and spend your time wisely?



  1. Our time is slipping by.... I have been saying more and more... I want my life to make my life count.... and to let the Lord use me. :)

    1. I believe he will use you in an extraordinary way, just be ready when he needs you to be.

  2. Great reminder to bloom where we are planted (today!). Thank you for linking up with the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Please join in again next week!

    1. Thanks for letting me link with you. Have a great day Jes.


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