Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Price To Pay

By: Amy Lane

Logan went faithfully to war. Freedom was what he believed in. Freedom worth fighting for. Freedom worth dying for. Rifle slung over his shoulder, he turned back and looked at his wife. "Every man should be free, no matter his color." As Logan walked away, he didn't know what lay ahead of him, he didn't know that he would never live long enough to see his nation free.
Freedom had to be earned. And not at a easy price. Deep in Logan's heart, he knew it was worth it. All he wanted, was for America to be free, all men equal.

Logan fought bravely for hours, without rest. He constantly prayed to God that his nation would win. He constantly prayed for freedom. Men died all around him, but he knew he had to do this. He had to go back to his wife and kids. He prayed he would make it. But if needed, he would freely give his life for his country. God heard his prayers. America did win.

The war raged on. Months he fought. In four years, not only had God kept Logan alive, but made him a general. A couple weeks later, Logan was shot to the ground.

As he lay dying on the battlefield, one of his friends rushed over to him and tried to keep him alive. But it was no use. "I am so sorry, I can't help you." The man said. Logan looked up at the solider hunched over him. "It's okay. God has given me more than I ever imagined. I am not afraid to die." With his last breath he muttered,"My country will be free."

Even though Logan is a character from my mind, there were many soldiers who died believing in the same freedom Logan did. When you talk about freedom, don't take it lightly.
Most people take freedom lightly. You may not think your free. But you are. You take freedom for granted. "Yeah. I am free." You say. But do you stop and think about all those lives that died for freedom? All the people who sacrificed so much for freedom? Who took so many risks to make your life free? When you say freedom, does it even mean anything more than a word to you?

Because of people like Logan, our country is free.

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