Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Paper But No Words

Yes. I am about to write a blog post about writing, even though me myself have not been writing on my blog. But, I have been busy with writing my book. So that makes me more innocent right? Maybe?

So many possibilities, so many ideas, how will I write all that comes to my head?
Sometimes it drives me crazy and I just want to give up and read a book with an author who knows what their writing. Many times, I just I stare at a blank piece of notebook paper, wondering what I could do, and what I could transform it into. I have paper, but no words. But yet again, I kind of like staring at a blank sheet of paper. It makes me feel confident, and free to write whatever I like. I wish I could have all the words to what I write, and not have to think about, and go over it all. It's hard for me. I am not like those people who work wonders with a pen. I wish I could imagine a whole story and it simply appears before me, all complete in a hardcover book. Have you ever had that feeling? I bet you have. It's rather a common feeling. I wish a lot.... Unfortunately, there is only one mind, in all the world, with my stories in it. And that is mine. It is up to me to write it all down.
The question is, will I?
Do you struggle with writing what you love? That makes two of us. Or does it come naturally?
Some of the best writing tips are:

1.Write more often.

2.Read. All authors read, and read, and read. So get a good book and start reading.

3.Write longer. Whether it's letters, emails, or journal entries. By doing this, it is, for one, nicer to friends, and another, it builds writing habits.

4.Write about what you love.  If it's boring to you, then its boring to your reader. Do not just write when you have to, like for school. Write when you want, and about something that interests you.

5.Use your imagination. Whether writing fiction, none-fiction, or whatever you like to write. There are millions of possibilities out there.

People can give you pointers on writing that can help you write, but you're the real author.
So get writing. Also, check out other people's ideas on writing. That's what I do.
If you have a favorite writer, see if they have a blog.  If they do, they probably have writing tips or other helpful information.

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  1. Great post! Your Mom Laura directed me here after reading my post about nothing to write about!

  2. AnnMarie,
    Thanks. Have a wonderful day. Have a wonderful time writing.

  3. I ended up deleting that book for several reasons. Now I am writing a Christian novella set in WWII. I have written more on this novella than I ever have on any other story. I hope some of the Christianity parts in it will inspire people, and bring glory to God; if I ever publish it.


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