Saturday, October 29, 2011

The capture of the sliver slithery snake of the south swamp named slickey

 BY:AMY                                                                One day the Missouri Black Cat and his two sidekicks Rukia and Tiger,decided to capture the Silver Slithery Snake of the South Swamp named SlickY,So after they got there gear thet was a:2pumpkin ice creams,a camo harpoon,a black net,and snake poison.They got out of their hideout and went to the swamp were he lives, They were sure they wanted to kill him so tiger grabbed a carton of ice cream and three spoons and they ate it because it gave them super strength.  
But, they saved the other one, so Rukia grabbed it and put the poison in it, and mixed it up, So they went to the door and knocked. Come in, came a low voice from inside. we brought some ice cream. thank you so he ate one bite and fell down dead. YEAH they all cried. the Silver Slithery Snake of the South Swamp is dead, now we will sell him to the taxidermist people and so they did and they got rich. They got 10,000 dollars.  Because it was so big .  THE END 


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