Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Battle for Morality...Emily

Love, hate, violence, bad friendships, betrayal, evil.  That's what kids learn from movies, TV, books, video games, and the world.  Particularly teens and pre-teens who are surfing the net.  If you search for something innocent, you probably will get something weird or evil.

When I think of Anne Hathaway, for instance, I think of her in Princess Diaries.  But she now is going to play a part as a gay aunt.  What is happening to our stars and the people we used to think so wonderful? 

The answer is that Hollywood is a breeding ground for sin.  Why do we never hear of Christian actors who are making it in Hollywood?  Because you pretty much are not going to get a leading role if you are not willing to act inappropriately, or go with the flow.

I really don't think that actors and actresses realize that they are helping to shape the next generation of kids.  Tomorrow's leaders.  I don't think they realize that what they are doing is affecting the way that kids act.

I am one of the precious few kids in America that do not have a TV to be influenced with.  We don't play video games, have a Wii, or go to school.  We even have to tell our mom what we are going to get on before we use the computer.  You may think that's a sheltered life; and, you're right.  But, I am extremely glad we do not have TV.  We do not play video games.  And my mom tells us what we can and can't do on the computer. 

I have been on the web two times when I saw things I wish I hadn't. One was on a website called  ---; and I told my mom I would never get on it again because of what I saw.  That was because of what I have been taught was wrong.  I haven't been on there since.  I've wanted to be; but, I have not been on that site.

You see, Satan wants to corrupt us all.  Adults, kids, and teens who are the easiest target.  He wants to make us do the things we shouldn't.   Repeat our mistakes.  Ruin our morality.  And he is going to succeed in corrupting our generation if we don't choose to not watch the things we shouldn't read, or look at, or even write.  we need to resist evil and accept good.  Now, who's with me?

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  1. I am proud of you Emily for sharing your beliefs. You need to share this with your peers. We love you, Dad!


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