Friday, January 28, 2011

Long time no type!

It's Emily. Man I haven't typed I forever!!
Well, I have some news for you. I'm moving. You probably read about it on my moms blog, but for those who didn't here's the sad news. But, the thing is I don't even know when we're moving. So we're just trusting God to show us what to do and where to move. Please be praying for us.

 Also, I have to be in eighth grade by my birthday in September. That's two grades of math and one of Language Arts. Whooo!! That's going to be lots of fun. Whatever!!

Anyway, I have finished writing my first book.( It''s not published so don't be looking for it.) Two people have read it but I doubt it will ever be published. Definitely not in it's present state! It was the second story I ever started and did more than one chapter of it. I have another book that I'm in the middle of, but don't know if I'll ever finish. The name of it is 'The No Name Story....Yet!' So you see I don't even a title for it. I might name it
The Never Ending Story... no that's already taken. Maybe I'll finish it. But  maybe not. You never know.

 By the way, any teens that I know might be interested in this. I'm starting a book club led by one of the boys in the homeschool group. The book we'll be studying is going to be Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. They're Christian teens who wrote a book about rebelling against low expectations in this generation to teens.
We're going to meet the first and third Fridays of every month. Each time we'll study a chapter. Then everyone will get a hard thing they have to do in the next two weeks. They can teem up or act alone. But the point is to get teens to get out there and do something hard. And for allot of kids that's hard. So, if you know me, and you want to join you can leave a comment and I'll get back to you.Or if you know my phone number you can call me.

Well I hope to write again soon!
Yours, Emily.

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