Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Apple Tree...Emily

Life is the most difficult play ever written.  But, there is, luckily, one writer, and one only who writes them. 
He has hand-picked each life, like an apple, and perfected it; shining and perfecting it so that we might be grateful.  But during the cleaning process, we go through trials that test how good the apple is, or how good our faith is.  But often we forget that God is trying us to our benefit. 

Even though scratching the dirt from the surface may hurt, the scraping is for our good.  The trials are for our good.  The question is will you let Him clean you off for a better purpose; or will you stubbornly stick to the tree hoping for more in your life but only rotting and being eaten by birds?  It's your decision.  Decide now.


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