Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The '40's on Tuesday // #5 // The Magic of Ordinary Days // Movie Review

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The Magic of Ordinary Days...what's that?
It is a movie that I watched 3 times in the span of 3-4 days of renting it. Yup! 3 times! That's how good it was!

Starring: Keri Russell, Skeet Ulrich, Mare Winningham, Tania Gunadi, Gwendoline Yeo, and others.

Cinematography: Good for 2005.

Actors for the parts: Very good.

Would I watch it again? Yes.

More than once? Yes.

Official Rating: I couldn't find it. I can tell you it is a Hallmark movie, though.

My Movie Rating: PG is what I rate it, except for the fact they show the girl's water breaking (being honest). Still, this movie is on my favorites list!

Story Plot: Original from what I can tell.
The year is 1944. Livy Dunn(e) is pregnant, and her preacher father sends her away to be married to a farmer, Ray Singleton, in the middle of nowhere, to prevent birth out of wedlock. Leaving her dreams, and her home, Livy travels by train to another part of the state of Colorado to meet and marry Ray Singleton—a complete stranger.
Ray Singleton is full of kindness, forgiveness, and love for both Livy and her baby, but Livy isn't as ready for that yet. Livy copes with her new life, but inside she still wishes—until she finally finds something else—happiness, love, and a new look at life.
Also, in Livy's journey, she befriends two Japanese girls, Florie and Rose, who work Ray's farm. I personally liked this addition to the story. It shows that not every single Japanese-American during World War II was living completely without freedom. But it does not ignore the simple facts of their struggles and freedoms that were taken away, but it does not pound the girls into the ground, if you know what I mean.
So with all of these new surroundings, Livy finds herself surrounded by love, and a journey of accepting things to be different—and letting herself love.

Story Speed: Good. Not too fast, but not too long, either.

Balance: It was a fine balance. I enjoyed it very much. It was like stepping into someone's real life--into a situation that is not like every other movie.
This is: An excellent movie that I think you should watch. It could be a family movie, for an older family (12-13+ in my opinion). Know that it isn't really an action movie, but more an everyday life love story. :)

Things to be Cautioned of: Though none of the scenes are inappropriate, The story is about a girl who got pregnant before she was married. They do not show the birth of the baby, but they do show her water breaking. Livy also writes a lieutenant behind Ray's back.

My Overall Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. You should definitely watch this movie.

Would you like more info?
You can see more about this movie at: Hallmark Channel and Wikipedia. Also, if you want reviews, you can visit Amazon.

Thanks for tuning in!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The '40's on Tuesday // #4 // Hats!

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Something big back then: hats!

So today we will discuss some hats. But first, I had a question about the martial law that I spoke of in my last '40's post, and I might actually do another on just that--the Hawaiian martial law of 1941-1944, so we can discuss it in more detail-- I will have to learn more about it to do so!
When I put it in my blog post I had been piecing around for things to put in the post.
(By the way, I would love some suggestions for things to post on!)

But enough said about that; let's talk hats!

Hats were a big deal...part of most nice outfits from what I can tell. But just like there are not just a couple kinds of cell phones, hats varied in styles, shapes, sizes, and colors.

So I'll share some....
The pictures are not mine except the two pictures above the last picture. Click links for sources. I got most off Pinterest.
P.S. If you notice anything inaccurate, I would love your feedback. I just found these pictures online.

Not my picture. Click for source.

There were the Turban hats....
Not my picture. Click for source.
The Snoods (Hair nets pretty much)....
Not my picture. Click for source.
Not my picture. Click for source.
Not my picture. Click for source.
The slouchy hats (I think it is a bouquet turban? But I am not sure!)....
Not my picture. Click for source.
Toque Hat....
Not my picture. Click for source.

And men's hats, too....
Not my picture. Click for source.

And MANY more varieties....
Not my picture. Click for source.
Also, these are from a crochet book published in 1939 (pictures are ours):

And let us not forget one kind of hat that played a part in keeping some of our boys safe during the war... the helmet.
Not my picture. Click for source.

Suggestions? Comments? Things for me to write about?
Please let me know in the comments below!
Have a nice day, and God bless you.

Friday, September 9, 2016

ATTENTION // Important Announcements // Please Read

Hello friends!
I know! I haven't been doing many blog posts lately, and I have not been keeping up with my new series on the '40's (The '40's on Tuesday). But I hope to do better. But I will do it a little differently now...

Announcement: The '40's on Tuesday
 I will only be posting EVERY OTHER WEEK, so please check back every other Tuesday instead of every Tuesday. The simple fact is, I can't handle every week very well, and also I can have more posts in between those posts easier.

Announcement: Living in Faith and Fun: NAME CHANGE!
 So, I got together with one of my friends who is a graphic designer, and I decided to change the name (thanks for your encouragement and help with it, friend). I have chosen the name, and I have reserved the address. So what I will be doing is changing it once I get a logo finished--my friend (graphic designer) and I are going to do it. So that may be in November, or something. I am not quite sure when yet.

What I will do is tell everyone when I am going to be changing the name, and so I will direct you to my other blog (art blog) to get the link. THE BLOG WILL BE THE SAME! It will just be under a different name.

Thanks for tuning in!

I think I got the picture from pixabay.com.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The '40's on Tuesday // # // Martial Law and the 1946 Aleutian Tsunami

I just learned all this really recently so I could share some interesting things with you, so I if you are interested in either Hawaii's martial law, the fact that Hawaii was an American territory, or the Aleutian tsunami that affected Hawaii, I encourage you to look up these events in your own research, also. But enough said, let's begin.

World War II officially began in the year 1939 and officially ended in 1945, though America did not fight until 1941, when our soil was invaded by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Now, in 1941, and all through WWII, Hawaii was an American territory--not a state.
It was not established as a state until the year 1959.
Pearl Harbor

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Governor of the territory (Hawaii), Joseph Poindexter, contacted Franklin D. Roosevelt (the U.S. president at the time) about instituting martial law in Hawaii. The president agreed to this proposition, and Joseph Poindexter remained the governor until 1942, while martial law had been instituted in Hawaii.
Ingram Stainback succeeded Poindexter and became the next governor of Hawaii, in 1942.
Hawaii stayed under martial law until 1944.

On April 1, 1946,  the Aleutian Tsunami hit Scotch Cap and Hawaii (as well as being felt other pacific regions), by what is said to be the cause of an earthquake off the coast of Alaska. Around 165 people were killed in total--159 in Hawaii, 5 at Scotch Cap, and 1 in Santa Cruz, California(those may not be the exact numbers, but those were the noted casualties on one of the websites-click here).

If you would like to know more about this tsunami--because I only touched on it--please visit these posts, giving more information on them.
The University of Southern California,Tsunami Research Center:
And History (the same people who do the History Channel):

And even though I could touch on the attack at Pearl Harbor, I am going to save that for another day where I can do more for it.

If you have any suggestions for posts to write please leave a comment about it (I would love to incorporate some of them).

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Monday, August 29, 2016

This Cozy Morning of Rain (A Poem)

This Cozy Morning of Rain

I got so early out of bed,
Because this poem was stuck in my head.

The rainfall is pretty on the countryside,
As the clouds in the sky all but collide.

But the lamps are burning in my house,
And other than the sound of rain, its almost as quiet as a mouse.

I am writing by the comforting lamps we speak of,
So as I hear the rain and am comfy in my house, all I feel is love.

This poem was first published on August 19, 2015. This poem is mine, please do not use this poem without my permission. If you are a blogger and would like to share my poem, please contact me through the contact form on the side of this blog. Thank you.

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